Embracing the “Thorns”

Wanted to give you a little food for thought – literally and figuratively.

When I was a kid growing up in North Carolina, my summers were defined by a rite of passage, a test of determination, that took place in the form of blackberry picking at the old farm that was next door to where I lived on a dusty little dirt road.

A delicious reward of my mother’s divine fresh blackberry cobbler awaited us, yet getting there was never easy.

I remember the annoying pricks of the blackberry thorns, which seemed to puncture more than just our skin – it was as if they were testing our spirit, our resolve.

As a child, I often complained about these thorns, questioned their necessity.

Why must something so sweet be guarded so fiercely?

However, the moment we sat down at the dinner table, a slice of that delectable cobbler in front of us, the scratches from the thorns faded into oblivion. (Thanks Mom, for the great memories)

The reward of that exquisite taste was worth the toil and temporary discomfort.

In many ways, our journey as mortgage loan officers echoes this blackberry picking experience.

We face our fair share of “thorns” in the form of prospecting calls, nurturing relationships with real estate agents, and digging deep into our past databases for referrals.

These tasks can be tedious, even prickly at times, testing our patience and resilience.

But here’s the secret that those summers on the farm taught me – thorns are merely temporary hindrances.

They may leave a mark, but these marks are outweighed by the benefits they bring.

Our prospecting calls, our relentless networking, they are our thorns.

But these thorns protect the sweetest rewards – the successful deals, the money we earn, the satisfaction of helping people find their dream homes.

We use this income not just for our well-being but to make a positive impact on the lives of our family and others in need.

And just like that, the thorns of prospecting become distant memories, insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

The satisfaction of success and the ability to help others make every “scratch from the thorns” worthwhile.

So, next time you’re in the weeds, bogged down by the prickly bits of this job, remember the blackberry cobbler

Keep hustling, keep prospecting, and remember – those thorns are guarding something sweet.

So let’s get out there, brave the thorns, and dig into that cobbler!

Stay strong, persevere, and happy prospecting!

We’re in this together!

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