Coming to you from 36,000 feet above the ground…

As I write this, I am streaking across the sky at 36,000 feet above the ground at a speed of around 526 mph.  

But here’s the weird part, had Orville Wright not caught Typhoid Fever, which almost killed him, it’s possible that I wouldn’t be in this jet…  read on.

I’ll tie this in with loan officer success, just give me a couple mins here.. it’s worth it

So years before they even thought about flying, when Orville with deathly ill with Typhoid Fever, and couldn’t work at their bicycle store, his brother, Wilbur, sat beside his bed for 6 weeks reading to him in the attempt to keep him from becoming unconscious. 

It was thought that if he could stimulate Orville’s brain, that he had a better chance of survival.

Well, several of the magazines that Wilbur read to him, just by pure chance, had articles about the theories of flight.  They were part of a Scientific American style of magazines that a buddy gave him as something to read to Orville.

6 weeks later when Orville was well enough to speak and have rational thought, he asked Wilbur, “Hey, I remember you reading to me about the possibility of human flight, can you reread them to me?  That sounds very interesting.”

The rest is history.

So if Orville hadn’t gone through the very challenging “hard time”, he wouldn’t have had his period of life-changing massive growth
… and the world would have likely never heard of the Wright Brothers, they wouldn’t have become multi-millionaires (back when that was some serious money), and who knows how long before the next person would have advanced such a wonderful gift to all of us… the glory and convenience of flight.

So what does that mean to us today as mortgage professionals?

Look, I know it’s a challenging time for many.  The industry may feel like it’s sick in bed with Typhoid Fever.

But we all need to keep in mind 2 things.

1.  We have our biggest growth in challenging times

We learn so much during these times.  We don’t grow muscles until somebody puts weights on our barbells.  Embrace these times, we can change the world with our learning and then take action.

2.  Some loan officers are having their best month ever, find them then do what they do.

I just got a text about one of our members, Erica Bille in Kyle, TX.  She closed 10 units last month which was her best month ever.  She said she simply ignores the “noise” and follows the Daily Success Plan.

I know it seems challenging, but I believe you are up for the challenge.

Stay away from those people that say things like “everybody is down” or “you have to get a side job” or “nobody answers their phone” or “Realtors have no closings”.  None of that is true.  Statements and people making those statements are absolute poison for the winners like you and me.

Hang out with the winners.  You see, winners will always find a way to win.  Just simply follow their same path and it’s my belief that you will arrive at their same destination of success.

Oh, and if you need somebody to read to you, give me a buzz, I got your back.

I can hook you up with a Daily Success Plan meeting with a step-by-step of exactly what the winners are doing.  <no charge>

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