Learning to Use … the “I Choose”

In this quick hit video, Carl White answers a question from a loan officer that attended Loan Officer Breakfast Club. The question was “how do I work with people that suck my emotional energy?” Well, Carl goes into detail on how you go about the “I choose” thought process. You choose not to work with that person. It’s that simple. The reason for that is because it becomes a domino effect on your production and loans being closed. When you aren’t motivated to do the ‘loan getting activities’ – then your loans closed per month goes down and it’s just not a win-win for anyone. If you want help in learning to “choose” the right people to work with…whether it be loan processors to referral partners, jump on a call here and we will map that out for you.

Loan Officer Rollercoaster

In this quick hit video, Mike Cardascia, top strategist at The Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program, goes over what he refers to as the loan officer rollercoaster and how you can learn to align your activities for a steady and consistent loan flow. So, where should you be focusing at each stage of your mortgage business? Find that out as Mike shares these quick tips with you…

Sort Out the Who and What By Using The ‘Axe of Freedom’ In Your Mortgage Business

Help your business sort out the who does what on the team so that there’s no cracks in the system.

This simple strategy, called “Axe of Freedom”, is a method used by our loan officer coaching program to sort out the where/when/how/who/what so that when the ball is hit to center field, there aren’t three people standing around wondering just who’s ball that is as it drops to the ground. Ooops.

We use this to make sure nothing gets mixed up for management purposes as well as the individual team member’s checklist – by keeping things organized and laid out in a simple to use approach. It also comes in very handy if you need to replace someone in a certain position, since you have a whole job description basically written out for you already.