Fun Times Learning and Networking at our Mastermind Events
Mortgage Industry Event

Our Mastermind events are the best mortgage industry events in the country. We take these 2-days and jam pack so much valuable information to share with loan officers. They have become so popular that Carl White, Steve Kyles, and Tammy Schneider have started hosting one every couple months in the beautiful city of Clearwater, Florida. If you’re a loan officer that is looking into a coaching program or even to get a sneak peek of what we could help support you with, then this is where you need to be. Hurry, they sell out quick.
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What Separates Us From The Rest

Carl White, founder of Mortgage Marketing Animals and Freedom Club Coaching, talks about why the program he has developed works for loan officers who want to make more while working less.Our loan officer coaching program stands apart from the other coaching programs out there and in this video, you’ll hear just how that is. Our focus is Respectful AccountabilityGenuine Community, and Member Loyalty.Tune in to hear the details of each, so you can make the best decision when investing in your mortgage business.

The Loan Officer With Endless Lives….

On this week’s episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast nationwide for loan officers looking to make more money and work less hours, you’ll learn the pros and cons of prospecting and how to do it effectively with zero downside.

Today, I’m talking about something one of our coaches, Mike Cardascia, said to me in conversation the other day. It was “treat this like a videogame with endless lives” – and I kind of tilted my head and thought, “wow, yea, I’ve got to hear how he’s relating this to prospecting as a loan officer.” 

This short podcast episode will tell you how Mike rolled this into why we should not take the rejection personally and how if you keep doing the activity, you’ve only got chances to win, not lose. You’ll only get the upside – more loans, more money, more referrals.

If you want to hop on a free coaching call to find out what to say on these prospecting calls and how to get them to meet up, schedule a good time for you here.