Get The DSP Done!

Listen in to Erica, Mike, and Jimi to find out what exactly happens on the Loan Officer Breakfast Club as well as to hear how Jimi inspires you to just “get it done.” He is adamant that the thought out and proven Daily Success Plan that Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching program provides, is 100% obtainable to every LO out there that wants to put in the work.  Jimi, Mike, and Erica go on to explain that you need to be taking the action and experiencing the journey on the way to the destination.

You’ll be inspired by these three empowering voices that encourage you to get it done.

The Triad of Awesomeness

In this quick hit video, Steve Kyles gives you the truth on how to go from the normal level loan officer to being a top producing loan officer. Steve shares how he was pushed over the ledge from a normal LO to a top producer by understanding what you need in your business. If you are looking to grow form 4 to 8 , 8 to12, or any more than now, there is one thing you have to accept – you cannot do it alone. Learn who you need and how to build that team by tuning in for the winning recipe that we call the Triad of Awesomeness here at the Mortgage Marketing Animals.

WHO on Your Team is Handling File Fires?

Loan officers can learn the unmeasurable value in allowing a WHO on your team to put out fires and chase conditions while you work at building authentic relationships that in turn bring in authentic referrals. Tune in to hear Steve Kyles share another quick tip to help steer your mortgage business in the right direction.