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I got a great question the other day that I thought may help you, so I’m forwarding it to you here. This will be worth your time to read.


“I have an assistant who is AMAZING. UNICORN AMAZING! We both have school aged kids and our school districts have the same breaks. I don’t want to tell her no, because she deserves the time off…but I also want to take my kids as well on those dates. Ideas?? Solutions??”

My Answer:
Great question.

I’ve often thought the toughest part of growing is that stage where we have 1 assistant and not quite ready for the 2nd one (for just this reason)…

…Any time they go on vacation or call in sick or whatever, 100% of our help is out that day.  Kind of like United Airlines having all their ground crew calls in sick, well, no planes will fly that day.

While we certainly can’t hire yet another person just for those time (because it may throw us into being not profitable), what we can do is really focus on the DSP (Daily Success Plan) and have our current team focus on it to, so that we can close even more loans which then supports the hiring of the 2nd assistant, which then makes that issue less of a problem… all while we make more money for ourselves.

And then the 3rd assistant makes it even easier…

So the opportunity here is to ask, “How many loans do we need to close each month that would require and support the 2nd assistant (who could hold down the fort during those rare times the 2 of you are off at the same time) and how many referred leads do we need to close that many loans, and finally, what is the 1st action item to get that many referred leads?

For instance, let’s say 14 loans closed each month supports that 2nd person…

… if we close 25% of incoming referred leads (which is about normal), we need 14 leads per week, or 2 referred leads per day.

What specific action do we need to do to ramp up to 2 referred leads per day?  That’s the $1,000,000 question…

Actually, that’s the $500,000 question. 

How do we get 4 leads per day is the $1,000,000 question (perhaps literally)…

The funny / bizarre thing is, it’s really a quite simple answer.

Want to do a 1 on 1 zoom call and have it all mapped out for you? <no charge>

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Carl White

“Stop thinking like a poor person”, he yelled at me…

Don’t think like a poor person!

I’ll never forget the afternoon that a very wealthy friend of mine, Perry, squared me up one day.

“Stop thinking like a poor person!”, he very passionately said to me.

“Don’t ever live according to your means… ever. 
That’s “poor people thinking”.

Instead, reverse engineer what you want and how much it costs, then figure out what you need to do to make that money.”

That conversation changed my life in an instant.

Allow me to explain a bit further…

Let’s say you decided that a W-2 income of $500,000 for the next year would give you all those things you wanted.  You know, the house, car, tuition, savings, vacation, giving to others, an overall first-class experience in life for you and others.

That comes to $41,667 per month in income.

Now it may be that that’s not your “happy number”, or you are already making more than that. 
(I can relate, heck, my credit card bill that we pay off each month runs more than that)

If that’s the case, just follow this same math and do multiples of it.

So let’s assume you make $3,000 per closed loan.  You may make way more or somewhat less, but you get the idea.

Using that number, for every $500,000 you want to earn, you will need to close 14 loans per month.

So now we have to figure how many leads you need to close 14 loans.  For me, that number would be 56 referred leads per month.

About half of our referred leads are “pre-approvable”,  (the other half have a credit, income, or property issue) and we close about half of those that are pre-approvable (the other half decide not to buy or are tire kickers and shoppers).

So I need 4 referred leads to close 1 loan

That means you need about 2 referrals per day, to get 56 referrals for the month, to close 14 loans per month, for every $500,000 in W-2 income we want to make.

Suddenly living that dream life seems doable.

Want to make $1,000,000 in W-2 income, simply get 4 referred leads per day.  Very simple math here.

And let’s face it, we all know a loan officer that is closing 14 loans a month, and as a general rule, they aren’t superwoman or superman.  They are more like Clark Kent… just normal people…

But they DO have 1 thing that you may not have…

Imagine having a simple plan to get 2 referred leads per day, which turns into 14 closings per month, which gives you a $500,000 personal income.

See, that becomes your new question, HOW TO GET 2 REFERRED LEADS PER DAY.

I can tell you from my own personal experience over the years, it’s just not that hard.

I’ve done it myself, loan officers in my branch have been doing it for years, and now 100’s of loan officers are doing it across the nation.

By the way, the plan that seems to work best doesn’t include buying leads or wasting your hard earned money buying FB ads that target strangers and don’t actually produce closings.

It really doesn’t require actually buying anything at all. 

It’s just a 4-Step Simple Plan (4-SSP) that I’ll give you, no charge

It’s the exact same plan that thousands of top producing loan officers in our high-level Loan Officer Freedom Club have learned and are now using.

Free Demo of 4-Step Simple Process
See ya on the inside,

Carl White

Get rid of the salt…

There’s an old saying where I come from…

“Just get rid of the salt”.

For instance, let’s say you like cake, but the cake being served is loaded with salt, like it’s been soaking in the ocean.

If you just get rid of the salt, then the cake (or salad) would be awesome.

So in the loan officer / branch manager world, this is when you love what you are doing, but that 1 thing that you hate, you think comes with it.  How can you get rid of that part?

See, I’m convinced that is what holds 97% of the loan officers from achieving “greatness”, the greatness that they deserve and are worthy of.

They think that there’s part of being a top producer that is totally uncool that comes with the package, so they settle in mediocracy, robbing themselves and their family of what would otherwise be totally doable.  

For me it was working more than a 32 hour work week, and working evenings and weekends.

For others it would be investing in large sums of money that they currently don’t have or perhaps working on worthless internet “leads” or other “high work and low productivity” activities.

I was talking to somebody the other day that had been falsely lead to believe that she had to provide Realtors leads before she could ever talk to them (not a scalable way to build a mortgage business) and in reality fed to her by somebody trying to make a buck – but had never actually closed a loan… (weird, I know).

Whatever the thing it is that may be holding you back, because you think “Well, that has to be a part of epic or even modest growth”, just know that there is no one thing that has to be done, or at least not done by “YOU”.
One of my favorite questions is, “How can you close more loans without <insert anything that’s “uncool” for you>?”

I’m here to tell you that after decades of helping loan officers in all 50 states, as well as currently having one of the most successful mortgage branches in the nation, I have never been stumped on that question.

Two things: 

1. There’s always a solution, and it’s almost always way easier than you may think.

2. The answer usually comes from asking somebody that’s already getting the results that you want (deserve) without doing that thing you also don’t want to do.

Both of which results from just asking the right question to the right people.

See there, there’s the easy solution right there (which follows “thing 1” mentioned above).

So that’s your homework for now:
“How can you <thing that you want>, without <thing that you don’t want>?”

When you are ready for help with that, let me know and I’ll totally hook you up right here… <no charge>.

… unless you like salty cake…

Your homie,

Carl White

About 33% filled out an application

There’s an old saying, don’t buy more cows until you milk the cows you already have (ok, admittedly I’m from the South, so maybe we are the only ones that say that).

But the idea is to get the most juice out of the orange before going to the next one.

What that means for us branch managers and loan officers is, get the most referrals and new loans coming in, from the loans that you already have in your pipeline.

For example, as a high producing loan officer, I took an application on about 1/3rd of all the sellers that my buyers were buying a house from using a simple method I’ll share with you today, and then I closed about half of those.  

So for example, for about every 10 purchase loans that I closed each month, I would close about 1-2 of the sellers to the house they were moving into once they sold their home to the buyer that I was financing to move into their home.  

So if I was closing 50 purchase deals per month, I would close an extra 7 or so of the sellers PER MONTH of those properties to the “new” home they were buying.

And if you were making $3,000 per closing, imagine making an extra $21,000 in sales commissions from those extra closings Per MONTH.  

Oh, and I would app some of the extra “7” sellers too.

Kind of a “Snowball Of Coolness”.

OK, here’s how it works…

Once a contract comes in, call the seller to introduce yourself.  (many times their number is on the contract, and other times we would simply google them for a number).

On that call to them, it would sound something like this..

“Hey Mr. / Ms. Seller, my name is Carl White with ABC Mortgage.  I’m doing the financing for Jane Doe who is buying your home at 123 Main Street.”

“The purpose of my call is to introduce myself to you and let you know how this works.”

“First of all, although I can’t go into detail due to confidentiality and privacy rules, I can tell you that Jane Doe is well qualified and I expect a smooth and flawless on-time closing.”

“I see that Realtor Randy is your listing agent that helped market and sell your home. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with Realtor Randy before (if I hadn’t), but I have to tell you I’m looking to help him and you get to the closing on-time and it looks like he did a great job getting a contract on your house.”

<Here’s the hook…>

“By the way, where are you guys moving to?”

<If their answer is to an area you are licensed in, then do your call to action…>

“That sounds like a great area.  Oh, who did you get your pre-approval from?”

<notice you didn’t ask them “Are you pre-approved?”, because you know they will likely say “yes” even if they aren’t.  When you ask “Who did it?”, they can’t make up a name on the spot most of the time, so those that aren’t pre-approved, which is most, they simply tell you the truth, they aren’t pre-approved.

Then I tell them how much smoother the closing goes if the financing for both deals are through the same lender (which, of course, is the truth).

Now, if they tell you that they are pre-approved with XYZ Mortgage, ask them who referred them to that company.

If they say “my agent, Realtor Randy”, then let that one go.  You aren’t looking to start your journey of this deal and getting Realtor Randy to refer to you his / her next buyer lead by pissing them off by redirecting their referral.

After all, they may have referred to their best friend, brother, or next door neighbor who is a LO.

But almost always, they tell me they got pre-approved with XYZ Mortgage because they used them last time or they just found them on the web and they really have no relationship with them.

At this point, simply ask them to send you the loan estimate so that you can do a free review to make sure they are getting a “fair shake” and you do this as a courtesy for all the sellers in all your transactions.

“We find it works best for you this way…”

And now you can offer alternatives and a more “smooth and on-time, flawless closing”.

This always worked for me very well.

Put it into action and let me know how well it works for you.

When you have any questions or you need more info to get started with this strategy, or any other strategy, you can contact us here

and we’ll help you with getting more referred leads <no charge>

Talk soon!