Magic Beans for LOs…

The vast majority of LOs want to be sold a “magic bean” to build their business.  Virtually all the ads we all see today are proof of that. 

But you personally want to remember that smart people don’t believe in magic beans.

If you want to make serious money in a serious business, then you need to acquire some skills and knowledge, preferably from people that are actually doing, at a very high level, what you want to do.
Let’s get you hooked up with a plan, a serious plan, done by people that are seriously successful. 

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…. and no magic beans included…

The Perfect Plan…

We learn more by taking action than by having a perfect plan.

Many of us spend all our time making a plan and get stuck on that part instead of actually doing something. 

You know, the ol’ “get’n ready to get ready” issue…

I think part of that is because we try to add too many moving parts while working on getting referrals. 

We’ve been told that we need a “funnel”, or some fancy schmancy 17 step process for bringing in new referrals / new loans, or we have to rent the GoodYear blimp and put our name up in lights…

I guess there’s nothing wrong with those things, it’s just that you may not be likely to ever actually finish them and end up wasting time and money.

What if you could get the same results, or even BETTER results, by just simple scripting?  The thing about scripting is, once you know what to say and who to say it to, you can get started right away without a bunch of moving parts (and expenses).

Understand that we learn sooooo much more by just going out and doing something, getting the objections, then working on the rebuttals.

So just get into action. 

You have to be ok with not looking perfect. 

Fast action means you will be doing imperfect action. 

But you’ll learn so much more by taking fast action that it will more than make up for the little bit of embarrassment caused by it not being perfect.

Risk looking stupid.

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Ice Ice Baby…

Last week we had a couple hundred LOs learning from each other at my 2-day boot camp. One of the things we talked about during a break was…


It’s a way to determine whether or not to work on a new project. You know, working on a way to get more leads or working.

You see, there are so many “good ideas” thrown around these days, that we have to make sure we stay focused on those few things that actually work.

Here’s what ICE stands for.


This is the filter I use to decide whether or not to start a new project.

IMPACT: Once this project is completed, what is the projected impact that the results are likely to have?

In other words, are the results of this project going to “move the needle”?

CONFIDENCE: How confident am I that I will get the desired results mentioned in the IMPACT statement?

This is actually pretty easy… assuming you are hanging out with the right people.

You see, all I have to do is see what some of our Freedom Club members are doing, look at what they are doing, then copy their actions.

When I copy what somebody is doing, I’ll get the same results.

I stay away from unvetted FB groups and such. I see some people giving all kinds of advice when in reality, they have a “struggle bunny business” themselves.

So be very careful on this one and just simply copy the winners.

EASE: How easy will it be to complete this project?

To be more precise, it’s really asking how easy it will be for my team to complete the project.

See, they have different skills than I do. Some of the things that I think are hard, they think are easy… and vice versa.

So the more complete question is, “How easy will it be FOR THE RIGHT Person to complete this project?”

I measure all of these on a scale of 1-10. For me to work on a new project, it has to rank an 8 or above on all 3 scales.

So it has to rank “8” or above on expected impact, “8” or above on my confidence in the results, and “8” or above on how easy it will be (1 being very difficult and 10 being super easy).

Put this little exercise to work and you’ll find yourself working on extremely useful projects that provide many new closed loans, and it’ll be easy to do.

We often think that massive results must always take “hard work” and “grind”.

If you find yourself grinding, it’s likely you are doing it wrong…

If you want some help on planning out a new project or help on deciding what new “loan getting” project to work on,
hit me up here and I’ll hook you up.

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Are you too busy?

Busy is the poison of growth. Let me say that again, “busy is the poison of growth!”

If you’re “too busy right” now, I’ve got news for you…you need to hire help.

So many in our industry are almost drowning in business right now, which on the surface sounds like a good thing, but the comments and conversations I continue to have with loan officers is that they are just too busy to go out and get even more business.

As the loan originator, it’s your job to do the “loan getting” activities. You focus on bringing in the business. From there, you have a team in place who chase conditions, put out fires, etc. Without you, nothing else comes through the pipeline. So if you’re not sourcing and generating leads right now, what are you focusing on? If you’re “too busy” to source new business right now, what will your pipeline look like 30 days, 60 days, even 90 days from now?

To get off the loan officer roller coaster, that is one month you’ve got all the closings in the world and the next month you’ve got none, you have to have help.

“But Carl, how do I hire someone, and who do I hire to come on to my team? And can I even afford to hire someone right now?”

First things first, you can’t afford NOT to have someone on your team if you’re too busy. The cost of inactivity is always greater than the cost of taking action. The first step is knowing what needs to be done. When you know what needs to be done in your mortgage business, you can assign certain tasks to certain people. After that you can begin to hire the right person (or people) to help you carry out those tasks. In my branch, we use an assessment test called, The DiSC Profile. It helps us understand what someone’s strong suit is. Because we understand that, our branch runs like a well oiled machine because everyone knows what they’re good at and they are operating in their highest and best use.

We have our Loan Partners, Processors, Assistants, and others on our team take the DiSC Profile. Incorporating this assessment into our hiring process has been the catalyst for hiring what we like to call our “A” team!

Just as an FYI, you can take the Disc Profile for free on this site.  The report that it sends you is around 72 pages of great information of your personality and your workers’ personality to help get more production with less “office drama”.

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