A Better Way

Act to find a better way, not the “right way”.

One thing that keeps LOs from taking action and getting epic results is they are waiting to find the “one right way.”

Breaking news, there isn’t “one right way.”

Keep finding a better way to talk to referral partners and borrowers, working on even better scripts and to improve your conversion rates, better ways to get more referred leads.

So get off of thinking “What’s the right way”, instead, think and work on, “what’s a better way”

So many get stuck on what’s the one right way.

Instead, work on actually doing the activity and continually work on what’s a better way to improve what you may already be doing now.

Work on doing a better way, then a better way, then a better way.  

Act, not just to do the “right way”, but on making it better, then better, then even better. 

You are acting to get feedback on the way you are doing it, then improving on that.  If you aren’t doing anything, you aren’t getting any feedback.

If you aren’t sure what to work on first, here’s my formula:

1.   What will make your first dollar first (to get positive reinforcement)

2.   What strategy will you actually complete (no judgment here)

3.   What strategy will you enjoy doing (we don’t do stuff we don’t like doing)

4.   Which strategy can you delegate out once you get it up and going with results (measured by actual loans coming in to you)

We need to be able to delegate out these things, otherwise we have created a “job” and not a “business”.  A business that is scalable!

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Work on being “better”, not perfect.  Searching for perfection will freeze you in your tracks from ever starting…

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