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How to Use Systems & Automation to get a Massive Footprint Fast

Did you know that in the average loan process there are 115 steps? That’s 115 i’s to dot and t’s to cross, and that’s just for one file!
With so many moving parts, systems and automation become a key factor for creating a seamless flow from file to file, and help…

  • Your loans close on time, or even early! (#1 thing agents want from a lender)
  • Ensure your clients and agents get amazing communication throughout the loan process. (#2 thing agents want from a lender)

In this episode of the #1 podcast for LOs, Carl White and Mike Gulitz dive into:

  • The #1 thing that holds most LOs back: Reactive Mode vs. Proactive Mode (02:52)
  • Creating Systems and Automation that support continual growth (10:35)
  • Building for the future — key elements for taking your business to the next level (28:39)

Step 1: See Demo of Jungo Here

Step 2: After Demo (or if you already have Jungo) schedule strategy session to go over scripts here: