Episode 326

What We Are Seeing Now

In this podcast episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the top podcast out there for loan officers, Carl White interviews Tim Braheem, discussing the changing dynamics in the mortgage business. They observe a shift where experienced loan officers, or veterans, are closing fewer loans while new loan officers are achieving higher numbers. They attribute this change to the previous market conditions that made it easier for veterans to secure loans without actively seeking new business.

In contrast, new loan officers are starting from scratch and are forced to engage in networking, prospecting, and relationship – building. They emphasize the importance of mastering the basics, maintaining consistent marketing strategies, and cultivating genuine relationships to succeed in the current market.

Carl and Tim talk about how they notice the common denominators of the originators who are doing all the basics right and utilizing great scripting. They have a consistent marketing strategy. They stay in touch with their past client database. They get out from behind the desk.

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