What did you choose that was more important?

2 weeks ago, I was talking to a group of LOs and I asked them what was the #1 activity that made them the most money.

I always get the ol’ “Closing on time, good service, going to closings, and answering my phone” kind of stuff, but we all know that isn’t it

Something happened first for us to have the phone to ring for the lead to come contact you in the first place….  That’s right PROSPECTING.

Doing lead getting / “loan getting” activity.   Good ‘ol real honest to goodness prospecting. 

So then I asked, “How many hours last week did you do honest to goodness prospecting… and I don’t mean “liking” a Facebook post, spending hours on TikTok, or at the bar with other loan officers who think they are prospecting too.  <It’s time to get real folks>

I’m talking about time having real conversations with our past database and real referral partners that are doing real business… today.

The average answer that they reported was zero hours of real prospecting all of last week. 

The average amount of loans they did last month was less than 3, most were 1 or less.

Oh, there were some that reported 4 to as much as 8 hours of real prospecting time last week.
And guess what, the average amount of loans they did last month was 6.4

hmmmm.  Do we see a correlation here?

So then the question comes, “In the 40 hours or more of “work” that you did last week with basically zero real prospecting…”

“What did you choose that was more important?”

This is a real gut check question.

Look, I think you know by now that I’m a very inspired guy and my passion is helping inspire people just like you to achieve greatness.   The greatness you deserve.

But here’s the thing, I respect and care for you so much that I’m willing to risk our relationship to tell you the truth… even if it makes us all squirm a bit.

The days of us all sitting around and the loans falling in our lap are all way past us now and the LOs that think “the good ol’ days are coming back soon”, well, most of those LOs have fallen off the map already, but more will follow and I just don’t want any of us to fall with them.

So we have to do real prospecting now.  NOTHING is more important in our business.

We owe it to ourselves, our families, and other people that count on us to do real prospecting and do real “loan getting stuff”.

That’s why it comes first.

The first 2 hours of each workday starts with honest to goodness prospecting to real people who can refer to us real loans.

I’m talking 1 on 1 phone calls, zoom meetings, face to face meetings, and activities that result in real leads, real referrals, real business.

This is what the top producers do like my friend / client Nate Carver out of small town Addison, TX who has gone from zero loans per month to 7 to 9 loans per month in the last 8 months.

This is what the winners do.  This is what the people that inspire both you and I do.

It’s your turn for even more greatness and I believe in you!
When you are ready to map out what a full week of actual prospecting looks like and a full reveal of what to say and who to have those conversations with to maximize your loan getting and overcome any reluctance to having those conversation, I’ll hook you up for free here.

By the way, this is the same meeting that Nate did when he was ready.

Are you ready?

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