Want To Bring In Another 10 Loans Per Month? Do This…
Episode 94

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On this week’s episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the number one podcast in the nation for Loan Officers thanks to you, I have the pleasure of speaking with my dear friend, Marvin Rosenburg. If you’re interested in learning which strategies a top producing LO practices to consistently bring in 10 loans per month, listen in.

One thing I always say, “Rates don’t dictate our success, it’s the relationships we’re building that determine our success” and Marvin continues to prove that statement true. Not only does he consistently market to his past database through email marketing, hand-written notes, amongst other activities, but he constantly builds relationships with potential referral partners! Want to know how he does it? It’s absolutely gang-busters and a GREAT way for you to build relationships AND save “dead deals.” Listen to this episode to learn more.

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