Episode 191

Video Continues to Be Front and Center

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Listen in to the #1 podcast for loan officers in the country, Loan Officer Freedom, and join me as I chat with a very good friend of mine who also happens to be an advisor here at The Mortgage Marketing Animals, Ginger Bell.

Ginger and I recently co-wrote the book titled ‘Leadership Video Planner’, which lays out the a-z’s of how to make video, what to make videos about, and how to use those videos the most efficient way possible.  Within the pages of this book, we drop 52 ideas and topics for video creation. And as an act of coolness, we will even be sending you emails with examples of those ideas with purchase. Get your copy at www.LeadershipVideoPlanner.com

Studies show that video has taken over the digital world by bringing celebrity status to those that use it in the simplest ways possible. Gone are the days of an elaborate studio, excessive makeup, or even a perfect script. It’s all about being real, human, and who you are. 

Video not only humanizes you, which is a large part of building relationships in the mortgage business, but it allows people to get to know you even though you don’t know them (yet).

You’ve got to tune in to hear why I feel this is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever used and why I believe Ginger and her incredible knowledge is a gift to the mortgage industry. 

Learn more about how you can use video in your marketing. Schedule a free call here with one of our coaches.

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