That’s way close enough

Shoot for great, not “perfect”.

80% gets you close enough.  This will keep you from “Analysis Paralysis”.

The cool part is you can get to “80%” in just 20% of the time.  It’s that final “20%” that takes all the time and may not even be necessary.

For example, I trained an assistant to call prospective referral partners on my behalf to set up coffee appointments for me.  (I get it, doesn’t sound sexy but has made me millions of $$).

After his first 2 weeks of training, he was able to schedule about 80% as many appointments as I could do if I made the calls myself. 

That’s close enough!!!
It took another 6 months or so, (relying on my memory here) for him to get about the same results as me.

But truth be known, the extra time I spent training him, from week 2 to 6 months, may have not been worth the effort of going from 80% to 100%.

I see so many LOs worry about “getting it perfect”.

Which inevitably leads to the analysis paralysis which results in no action being actually taken, which results in zero results vs 80% results.

Just know that your “80%” far exceeds most people who are striving for 100% but never actually take action.

It’s really sad to see the wonderful things passed by that life can give them if they would simply take “imperfect” action.

I believe in YOU!

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