Update on the NAR settlement

I know there has been a lot said on this topic, but I wanted to make sure you knew how this may affect you as a loan officer.

I did a live Zoom with Brian Stevens from MortgageShots.com where we discussed the implications of the new NAR settlement on the real estate industry and how it affects loan officers and branch managers.

Brian had some very interesting predictions on the changing landscape of real estate commissions and the potential impact on agents and brokerages…. And how it affects those of us who are slinging loans each month.

Go to the podcast episode here to gain a deeper understanding of the unfolding story and how loan officers can navigate these changes effectively.

No opt-in needed, just go and listen here.

Brian and I wanted to make it super simple and quick for you to get the information that you need.

Just another random act of coolness.

Be sure to thank Brian and be sure to check out his Mortgage Shots. Great info in a quick few minutes that I listen to every morning.

I’m in your corner!

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