That’s small for me

“That’s small for me” he said.  I was taken back at first, and then realized he was right.

Let me take a step back and tell you what led up to this groundbreaking truth that all LOs should know about.

I was doing a private Zoom meeting with a loan officer who set up the meeting to discuss how to grow his business even more.

I asked him what his current volume was.

My team did a little over $1Billion dollars last year,” he told me.  Knowing that my team still did more than that last year, but not too much more than that, I responded, “That sounds like a good solid number to me.”

But I saw the frantic look in his eyes, one of almost desperation as he blurted out, “But Carl, that’s small for me.  I know I can do so much more and I know you can help me.”

It then occurred to me he was right on both accounts, that number was small for him, and yes, I am known for helping LOs increase their loan volumes while decreasing their stress level at the same time.

So, when he said “That’s small for me”, I could see the desperate look in his eyes.  The same desperate look that loan officers have when they are closing 1 or 2 loans a month and they know that with just a few tweaks they could be at 5 to 8 loans a month.

Just like his own monthly mortgage payment was in jeopardy.

See, what normally happens is a loan officer gets to around 5 or 8 loans and they say to themselves, “This is good for me, this is what I’m capable of.” 

And then they back off and that’s where they stay… because in their minds, they have already pre-framed that 5 or 8 loans are “good for them”.

The real growth is when those people look at 5 to 8 loans is soooo much less than what they are capable of, look at that “low volume” as a reason to get frantic, and treat it like they are 3 touchdowns behind in the 3rd quarter…

That’s when mountains move

Same thing for those of you closing 10 or 15.  Don’t be ok with that…

What if you found out that closing even more loans can come with even less stress?  When would you want to know that?

We all have to reframe that picture that we have of ourselves of “What is possible?”, or even, “What is POSSIBLY possible?”

That’s when the magic happens.  That’s when we see epic growth.  That’s when we begin to set real wealth for our family.  That’s when we can really give back to our community.

Now I’m not saying that we aren’t proud and encouraged by our / your current accomplishments.  You may have done very well so far, yes indeed.

But what if that is small for you?  When would you want to know

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