Is Motivation Even Necessary?

Welcome to your #1 podcast for loan officers in the country. In this episode, Carl White and Steve Kyles discuss how motivation may not even be necessary for your epic success as a loan officer.

You’re in for a treat as Carl and Steve have a casual conversation about Motivation vs. Resolve. The way Steve defines the difference is powerful. When you’re motivated, it lasts a few days, but when you resolve to do something, you’ve chosen to do that – nothing will stand in your way. You’ve committed. You’ve chosen to do this. That’s all. Simple as that. It’s a stance, basically stating “I’m doing this regardless of the circumstance.” 

Listen in to hear how to stay focused on the fundamentals that move the needle, and how to avoid the shiny things that can be added in after the money is being made. 

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How He Increased His Closings By 233% In 90 Days

Welcome to Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 loan officer podcast in the country. In this episode, Carl White interviews Freedom Club member David Keblaitis, who used a special program to increase his closings by 233% in 90 days.

We’re talking about the importance of accountability in your business. Running a prospecting plan from 9-11 every day and just what a huge impact our newly implemented zoom meeting, Call Stars, has made.

What’s awesome here is Dave chose to make this commitment to himself for the growth of his business by handing over his credit card info and agreed that I was going to charge it each time he didn’t stay consistent with the prospecting plan.  He stepped up to the plate…get this…he even had his teenagers look at the contract to show them that accountability to your goal is so important for success. 

Listen, the work we are doing now, will show in the number column come March. So, be sure you’re doing the work right now, sticking to the plan consistently, and heck, hold yourself accountable. Or, better yet, have someone else hold you accountable…with a deal to ensure your commitment. 

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