How to Save and Spend Money

Welcome back to Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast for loan officers in all North America. Today, I am joined by my partner in crime – Maria White.

Over the years, I have seen the same thing; loan officers making a ton of money, but never saving it – ultimately leaving them penniless. In today’s episode, Maria and I discuss the three primary ways to make money: Inherit, Invent, and Invest.

For most of us, inheriting and inventing doesn’t work out so great. That leaves us with investing. Investing isn’t always about stocks – it’s also about investing in yourself and your mortgage business.

Listen in as we discuss, in my opinion, the best practices to save AND spend money.

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WHO on Your Team is Handling File Fires?

Loan officers can learn the unmeasurable value in allowing a WHO on your team to put out fires and chase conditions while you work at building authentic relationships that in turn bring in authentic referrals. Tune in to hear Steve Kyles share another quick tip to help steer your mortgage business in the right direction.

How do you measure up with other LOs?

How do you measure up when compared to other LOs?

Before I show you the answer, let me share with you something that really made all the difference to me.

So often, when we want to know how we are doing, we look out at the horizon…

… what I mean by that is, it’s like if you and I are in a canoe and we are paddling out to the horizon…  you know, that spot to where the sky and the water meet.. that’s our destination.

What happens as we paddle out to that spot, the horizon?

That’s right, it keeps moving.  We never actually get there.

So the point is, if we are looking forward, or comparing ourselves to somebody else, that’s a moving target and we don’t actually ever get there, which leads to disappointment, even if we are achieving great things compared to our own “last year.”

Here’s the take home message…

.. if you want to see how you are doing, you can’t look forward, you have to turn around and look behind you to see how far you have come from the shoreline if you want to measure up “how you are doing”.

Only compare your “current” self to your “last year self” to gauge your progress.

It’s easy to get disconnected or “not relatable” by seeing how some of our Loan Officer Freedom Club members are doing, like Katie White (no “blood” relationship to me) who is in my “2 Comma Club” (which means she W-2’ed more than $1,000,000 last year as a loan officer). 

A person and person smiling

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Loan officer Katie White from Austin, TX

But you need to understand that Katie has simply been paddling her boat using the right strategies, the right scripts, and with the right people for several years now.  When she first started, she was right where you may be now, which is totally great for starting this journey.

Just so you know, I actually share those stories like Katie’s to help inspire you to what is possible, but I want you to compare your current self to ONLY your year ago self.

If you need help with “right activities”, “right strategies”, or “right people”, I can help you here.

I believe in you, and you are worthy!

Carl White

A Day in The Life of a Loan Officer

On this week’s episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast in the world today for loan officers, I’m joined by one of our strategic advisors here at The Mortgage Marketing Animals, Blake Otterson.

Blake and I sit down to discuss what happens in the day of a loan officer. I’ll share my personal routine on waking up bright and early, starting the day with a positive activity, and strategically having a plan in place.

Planned days are structured for the most production with proper planning that is set forth by consistent boundaries and efficient schedules.

Listen in as we deliver information on how to avoid pitfalls of distractions and map out a day that provides results and structured activities.

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