Oops, I think you missed this.

Here’s what you missed out on at our last meeting:

1. Yours truly walked through the 12-Step Sales Message Template that I have used for years and have never shared until this meeting. It’s been a game changer for me as I use this template on my calls, my emails, my texts, social media posts, pretty much everything.  This attracts clients like tourists to a beach!

Following this template will drastically increase your conversions on your “call to actions”. Whether it’s to meet with you, or to start referring to you, knowing these 12 steps is a game changer for sure.

2. Podcasting For Results: Devon Dubuc shared how he gets leads every time he does a podcast.

3. How Creative Presentation Skills Landed A Partnership With 1,500 Real Estate Agents: Emmanuel St. Germain

4. How To Leverage AI To Get Even More Referrals: Chris Johnstone

5. The Presentation And Planner That Has Agents Running To Me Like Cats To The Fish Docks: Jason Wagner

6. “What I Wish I Would Have Known, That I’ll Share With You Now” Top Producer Panel: Suzanne Downs, Ken Prost, Dave Tallman, and Cynthia Rock.

7. “Done For You Agent Presentations That Actually Work”.
Our own Tammy Schneider has put together over a dozen “Done For You” classes that have been pulling for us like a pack of mules.

8. State Of The Mortgage Industry… And It’s Good News For The Action Takers: Kevin Broughton (this dude is one of the smartest people I know)

9. Getting Agents And Buyers Off The Fence, The Art Of Persuasion For Their Good And Your Profit: Steve Kyles the Scripting Ninja

10. How To Use AI To Maximize Production And Automation: Toni Taylor

11. Social Media Daily Success Plan: Chelsea Gardner

12. Execution Of Your Plan, The Art Of Getting Things Done (even when you don’t feel like it): Dan Ellis

13. Tracking Your Numbers Like A Boss, How The Winners Do It: Doug Cadaret

14. “Cutting Out The Negative Thoughts That Lie To You”: Glenn Geraci

15. “How I Got 129 Referrals From Realtors In 30 Days”: Leon Belov

16. “Printing $100 Bills Via My Database”: Dave Wicki

17. “How I Met With 99 Agents… 1 At A Time”: Bobby Welch

18. “How I Had My Best Month Ever In October”: Dean Hayes

19. “How We Went From 2 Closings A Month To Closing 9 Last Month… while we traveled Europe….”: Patty Davis and Paul Barrett

…. And there’s actually more.

This doesn’t even account for all the magic that happens during our lunches and dinners that we are doing together.

Getting together with like-minded people is sooooo critical. It’s how the winners win.

When you are ready to see what you have been missing…
Just Go Here and we will walk you through the website and you can see what’s under the hood.

Do it now, and you can come as my guest to our next meeting ☺

You are worth your time investment to be here.
This is what the winners do.

Here’s your private link to register.

Predictable, yet Strange but true…

It’s soooo predictable, yet strange but true…

It happens every single time, never fails. 

I’ll be a guest speaker at a conference.  I ask everyone to stand up.  I then say, “If you know with 100% certainty that if you called your past database from A-Z, with a proven script to get purchase and refi referrals, the kind that actually close, if you know for sure that you would get at least 3 more closings in the next 45 days when you make those calls, stay standing.”

Almost always, 100% of the room stays standing.  But of course, we all know that only works always!

Then I say, “Now, if you have actually called your past database from A-Z in the past 6 months, stay standing.”

In an average room of about 300 loan officers, usually all but about 5 or 6 of the LOs will sit down.

In other words, only about 2% will actually do the very activity that 99.9% of them know will bring in referrals that turn into closings RIGHT NOW.

I have done the above exercise at least 50 times, literally, and the same thing happens over and over.

Oh, and when I ask the very small handful what their loan volume is, predictably, they are almost always the top producers of the room.

And even with this demonstration and knowledge that this is what the top producers do, most will still not do the very activity that they themselves said they knew would work and they saw firsthand the results of those that are actually doing it… the top producers.
Strange but true.

See here’s the problem, they are actively looking for new things to do, instead of doing more of what they know already works.

I see droves of loan officers unnecessarily going through hard times right now because they have bought into the notion that “doing sales activity is a bad thing, and to be avoided at all costs.”

See, I’ve always thought of it the other way around.

You aren’t “selling mortgages” to people, YOU ARE SOLVING PROBLEMS.

Look, the seller wants to sell their home.  You help solve that problem by funding the buyer.

The listing agent wants to sell the seller’s home.  You help solve that problem by funding the buyer.

The buying agent wants to help the buyer buy a home.  You help solve that problem by funding the buyer.

The buyer wants to buy the home.  You help solve that problem by funding their new home purchase.

Your processor wants to process a loan so he/she can earn a paycheck to buy Christmas presents for her/his kids.  You help solve that problem by creating a loan file for each buyer.

… and it goes on and on.

YOU ARE SOLVING PROBLEMS, oh, and you get paid well when you do so.

And the more loans that you generate, you solve even more problems.

Now you can see why I’m so eager for my team to close hundreds and hundreds of loans that we close each and every month.

You see, me and my family would be totally ok with just closing 2 or 3 loans per month.  I’ve saved money, I have great investments, I could never close another loan and we would be just fine.

But you see, it’s much more than that…

… people are counting on me to help solve problems. 

People are counting on you to help solve problems.

It’s our obligation as decent human beings to help solve as many problems as we can.  There are so many people that need help… and you and I can help.

When you look at it that way, you can see why I’m a life-long student on how to get better and better and to make sure I’m maximizing my skill set to help even more people.  It’s what cool people like you and me do.

You and I are students of success, and we understand that we aren’t just selling loans, we are solving problems and will do whatever it takes to do that.

Thanks for being part of “the few”.  I knew I could count on you.

<Stepping off the box and going back to my seat>.

PS.  I just finished doing a complete revamp of my website of my #1 rated loan officer coaching/training program.

I would love to walk you through and get your suggestions and feedback.

Go Here and I’ll set you up with a 1 on 1 walkthrough and demo of what’s in there and how it may be able to help you too, and to get your feedback.

Thanks so much, and thanks for being you.

Oh, and if you want a copy of the proven script that we use with our past database to get purchase referrals AND refi referrals from them, just remind us on the 1 on 1 call and I’ll give you that too for your trouble.

Pick A Time Best For You Here

The “Rule” that changed everything

One thing that has really helped me to have long term relationships is the “25% Rule”.

This rule has also saved me a ton of time avoiding time sucking, one sided relationships.

Here’s the rule, it has 4 parts:

1. 25% of the people LOVE YOU no matter what you do.

Now of course we need to do the right things with them, treat them with amazing love, but these people are the dream to have in your life and will forgive you of the occasional “Oopps!” (we all have those from time to time)

2. 25% of the people DON’T like you, no matter what you do.

Even if you toss these people gold coins, they’ll complain that you are throwing something at them.

3. 25% of the people LIKE YOU, but are on the fence, and at the whiff of an issue of any sort or size, they fall into the camp of “DON’T LIKE YOU”.

These are the relationships where “you are only as good as your last “thing” together.

4. 25% of the people DON’T like you, but are on the fence, that if you juggle just enough bowling balls, they like you for a period of time, but as soon as you drop one of the balls, they don’t like you again. 

The secret to life is to find and hang out with the 25% that love you no matter what! 

These relationships/friends will be long term and lead to a business life of Happy, Joyous, and Freedom. 

Hanging out with the other 75% is a wasted effort, and leads to a life full of Restless, Irritable, and Discontent. 

The key to all this is identifying who is in which group, which takes a bit of time. 

I have found that to do this requires a bit of patience and effort to get out and meet people… as it’s all a numbers game. 

The more people that you meet with, the more of the “25% that will love you no matter what” you will find. And when you find those that fall into your 25% “Love You no matter what” category, it’s just the coolest thing ever! 
Just wanted to share with you the 25% rule so perhaps you can have an even more epic life of love and coolness particularly with the holidays coming up.

It’s that time of year to double down.  While most loan officers check out and hold off, the winners check in and put together and work a successful proven plan.

When you are ready to see what my plan is, and perhaps make it your plan, Just Go Here and I’ll make sure you get a private tour of it ☺

See ya inside… with the winners 😉

Coming to you from 36,000 feet above the ground…

As I write this, I am streaking across the sky at 36,000 feet above the ground at a speed of around 526 mph.  

But here’s the weird part, had Orville Wright not caught Typhoid Fever, which almost killed him, it’s possible that I wouldn’t be in this jet…  read on.

I’ll tie this in with loan officer success, just give me a couple mins here.. it’s worth it

So years before they even thought about flying, when Orville with deathly ill with Typhoid Fever, and couldn’t work at their bicycle store, his brother, Wilbur, sat beside his bed for 6 weeks reading to him in the attempt to keep him from becoming unconscious. 

It was thought that if he could stimulate Orville’s brain, that he had a better chance of survival.

Well, several of the magazines that Wilbur read to him, just by pure chance, had articles about the theories of flight.  They were part of a Scientific American style of magazines that a buddy gave him as something to read to Orville.

6 weeks later when Orville was well enough to speak and have rational thought, he asked Wilbur, “Hey, I remember you reading to me about the possibility of human flight, can you reread them to me?  That sounds very interesting.”

The rest is history.

So if Orville hadn’t gone through the very challenging “hard time”, he wouldn’t have had his period of life-changing massive growth
… and the world would have likely never heard of the Wright Brothers, they wouldn’t have become multi-millionaires (back when that was some serious money), and who knows how long before the next person would have advanced such a wonderful gift to all of us… the glory and convenience of flight.

So what does that mean to us today as mortgage professionals?

Look, I know it’s a challenging time for many.  The industry may feel like it’s sick in bed with Typhoid Fever.

But we all need to keep in mind 2 things.

1.  We have our biggest growth in challenging times

We learn so much during these times.  We don’t grow muscles until somebody puts weights on our barbells.  Embrace these times, we can change the world with our learning and then take action.

2.  Some loan officers are having their best month ever, find them then do what they do.

I just got a text about one of our members, Erica Bille in Kyle, TX.  She closed 10 units last month which was her best month ever.  She said she simply ignores the “noise” and follows the Daily Success Plan.

I know it seems challenging, but I believe you are up for the challenge.

Stay away from those people that say things like “everybody is down” or “you have to get a side job” or “nobody answers their phone” or “Realtors have no closings”.  None of that is true.  Statements and people making those statements are absolute poison for the winners like you and me.

Hang out with the winners.  You see, winners will always find a way to win.  Just simply follow their same path and it’s my belief that you will arrive at their same destination of success.

Oh, and if you need somebody to read to you, give me a buzz, I got your back.

I can hook you up with a Daily Success Plan meeting with a step-by-step of exactly what the winners are doing.  <no charge>

It’s a funny thing.

Success isn’t “avoiding problems”.  “Success” is handling problems quickly.  Success is how fast we identify what the real problem is, and then how quickly we address and fix the problems, and then how likely we are to learn from that experience and not duplicate that same problem.

It’s a funny thing how the different “classes” of LO’s react to our current market.

Those that don’t want to “address the real problem” point at “the market” as the reason things aren’t going as well as they want.

Those that are ready to do what it takes, well, they are asking LOs that are “up” in the current market, they are asking them how they are doing it… what specific action items they are doing.

They then simply copy their activities.  It’s really just that simple.

On a social media post, I was congratulating a dear friend and leader of our mastermind group on closing 42 loans of personal production last month.  (yeah, I verified it)

While most were skeptical (I understand that), only 1 reached out to me and asked if I could get her on a private Zoom meeting with just the 3 of us and map out how she did it.

During that 30-minute Zoom meeting, we identified how her process differed from his, and a couple of action items that she was doing differently than he is currently doing.

I loved listening as these 2 really smart people were exchanging ideas back and forth.

The point is… well, it’s really a question for all of my readers today…
Are we going to spend our time looking at charts and graphs that may help us justify closing less loans, or are we going to spend our time collaborating with those that are actually up this year from last?

Just know that both are available.  We just have to ask ourselves, which will serve us best…

I know you will make the right choice today all while you and I understand and feel for those that choose to look for justification and point at “the market” as the culprit.

I learned long ago, “the market” doesn’t dictate our success… “our actions”, working on the right productive proven things are what dictate our success.

I believe in you!

Your Wingman,

Carl White

PS.  When you are ready for a private Zoom meeting to collaborate and to see what are today’s best success action items, hit me up here.  I totally have your back (because I know you have mine).