What would that look like?

“I was watching a short video from Matt and it reminded me of a conversation that my father had with me when I was 27 years old:

What would happen if for one year you put your head down and gave everything your absolute all?

If for one year you gave your mortgage business and your relationships everything you had, what would that version of yourself look like?

Just how drastically would your life change if you donated one year to your future self, one year of uninterrupted focus?

I bet you’d be a completely different person. I bet you’d be completely unrecognizable. I bet you would look back and say to yourself, “I can’t believe I was living life that way.”

So, if the next year of your life is going to happen one way or another, if time is going to pass anyway, why not put your head down and give it everything you have?

Why not go all-in on yourself?

I think that you’re going to look back and say that that was the single best decision that you have ever made.”

When you are ready to map out what that looks like, when you give “it” your all, or if you were to say “Carl, give me a step by step plan of what activities I would actually do”,…

I can totally hook you up with that.

I’ve always thought, before we say “no” to something, wouldn’t it be a good idea to actually look at what we are saying “no” to?

Maybe in reality it’s an easy “yes”.

Let’s map out what the end result would look like in your dream mortgage life, and then let’s map out what that activity(s) would actually be, what would your perfect week look like, THEN make the decision whether or not to do it.

Click This Link, tell me a bit of your current business so I can personalize your plan, then pick a day and time that works for you,  and I’ll see you on the inside.