Surprising LO study results

Good news:
A recent large study showed that 54% of all borrowers only speak to 1 originator.. which happened to be the 1st one they talked to. Remember, they only talked to a grand total of “1”.

Get this, 92% closed with 1 of the first 2 that they spoke with.

So that means that for the vast majority of us, only 8% are “shoppers” and the other 92%, as long as we actually answer our phones, we have a very good shot of closing the deal.

What that all means is, if we are finding ourselves with more than 8% shopping us, we likely have 1 of 2 issues

read on…

The ONLY 2 issues that would have an LO getting shopped more than 8% of the time is…

1. The source of your leads
2. Your scripting

As it turns out, “referred leads” close at about 25%. So, want 8 closings for the month? You just need about 1 referred lead per day.

Just that simple.

(by the way, we can show you how to get even more referred leads on this call)

If you find yourself significantly lower than 25% on referred leads, it’s likely a scripting issue.

More good news…

I can significantly help you with scripting.

If you don’t think scripting is a big deal, try giving out your phone number with 1 number missing or 1 number changed… well, the desired result changes DRASTICALLY with just that one small change. That’s scripting.

The same is true with how we make our offers to real estate agents to start or continue referring to us AND when we make our offers to our prospective borrowers.

It’s a big big big deal.

I have spent my entire career crafting my messages, and working on my scripting. It has been a very very very good use of my time.

When you are ready to hang out on a Zoom and bounce ideas back and forth, whether it’s scripting or “How to get even more referred leads”, I’ll totally hook you up on my dime.

Just pick a day and time here. It’ll be a very good use of our time.

Cheers to being the 1st one they talk to (holding up my glass of herbal tea as a toast)

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