“Stop thinking like a poor person”, he yelled at me…

Don’t think like a poor person!

I’ll never forget the afternoon that a very wealthy friend of mine, Perry, squared me up one day.

“Stop thinking like a poor person!”, he very passionately said to me.

“Don’t ever live according to your means… ever. 
That’s “poor people thinking”.

Instead, reverse engineer what you want and how much it costs, then figure out what you need to do to make that money.”

That conversation changed my life in an instant.

Allow me to explain a bit further…

Let’s say you decided that a W-2 income of $500,000 for the next year would give you all those things you wanted.  You know, the house, car, tuition, savings, vacation, giving to others, an overall first-class experience in life for you and others.

That comes to $41,667 per month in income.

Now it may be that that’s not your “happy number”, or you are already making more than that. 
(I can relate, heck, my credit card bill that we pay off each month runs more than that)

If that’s the case, just follow this same math and do multiples of it.

So let’s assume you make $3,000 per closed loan.  You may make way more or somewhat less, but you get the idea.

Using that number, for every $500,000 you want to earn, you will need to close 14 loans per month.

So now we have to figure how many leads you need to close 14 loans.  For me, that number would be 56 referred leads per month.

About half of our referred leads are “pre-approvable”,  (the other half have a credit, income, or property issue) and we close about half of those that are pre-approvable (the other half decide not to buy or are tire kickers and shoppers).

So I need 4 referred leads to close 1 loan

That means you need about 2 referrals per day, to get 56 referrals for the month, to close 14 loans per month, for every $500,000 in W-2 income we want to make.

Suddenly living that dream life seems doable.

Want to make $1,000,000 in W-2 income, simply get 4 referred leads per day.  Very simple math here.

And let’s face it, we all know a loan officer that is closing 14 loans a month, and as a general rule, they aren’t superwoman or superman.  They are more like Clark Kent… just normal people…

But they DO have 1 thing that you may not have…

Imagine having a simple plan to get 2 referred leads per day, which turns into 14 closings per month, which gives you a $500,000 personal income.

See, that becomes your new question, HOW TO GET 2 REFERRED LEADS PER DAY.

I can tell you from my own personal experience over the years, it’s just not that hard.

I’ve done it myself, loan officers in my branch have been doing it for years, and now 100’s of loan officers are doing it across the nation.

By the way, the plan that seems to work best doesn’t include buying leads or wasting your hard earned money buying FB ads that target strangers and don’t actually produce closings.

It really doesn’t require actually buying anything at all. 

It’s just a 4-Step Simple Plan (4-SSP) that I’ll give you, no charge

It’s the exact same plan that thousands of top producing loan officers in our high-level Loan Officer Freedom Club have learned and are now using.

Free Demo of 4-Step Simple Process
See ya on the inside,

Carl White

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