Results of Loan Officer’s Case Study

“What’s working now?’, you may ask, well it seems like it’s what has always worked.  Check out this interesting case study.

Doug Adamson and his wingman Reid Thompson (2 of the leaders in our Loan Officer Freedom Club) started reaching out to their database for the first time ever.

In the last 90 days, they have called everybody from A-Z.

Now most LOs wouldn’t do that because of the fear of “I haven’t called in forever and I don’t want to sound weird…” kind of crap.

Well, they pushed through all those fears and just followed the script.

The results of this case study?

$1.4M in closed volume.  Let’s just assume 100 basis points for this study.

That would be somewhere around $10,400 in the LOs pocket.

Wait, it gets even better…

They have another 10 loans that are likely coming from it because they have an additional 10 pre-approved and looking buyers that came from it already too.

That should shake out to another $3M or so in volume or an additional $30,000 in loan officer pay on top of the $10,400 they already have for a total of $40,400 from just the 1st round of calls to their database.

Keep in mind, this is something that I have found maximizes the number of closings for you if you call them 4 times a year.

This case study was just from 1 round of calls to a database that had never been called before… that’s like a worst-case scenario.

It’s just a simple set of calls with a proven script.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I call it “Good sales activity instead of wasteful busy work”.

Keep this case study in mind as you journey through your work day.

When you are ready for the details of who to call, when to call, what to say to them, what voicemail to leave, and how to push through any call reluctance, I can help you with that.

Just Go Here and I’ll hook you up to walk through all the details for free.

After all, every $40,400 helps…

Carl “Your Wingman” White

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