quick, easy (and free) source of mortgage leads


Here’s one of my favorite sources of free leads that actually turn into closings.  And not just a few closings, but A LOT OF THEM.

Just like we see every 5 or so years, when the market takes a turn, those LOs that didn’t do effective prospecting get out of the business due to their lack of taking effective actions to bring in new referred leads.

And while we certainly hate to see great people bow out of this wonderful and VERY lucrative career that we are in, it does leave some unique opportunities for us that do embrace real prospecting….

Read on…

We all know that calling our past database with a simple script is an enormous way to close more purchase deals.  Keep in mind these referrals aren’t just “them” buying a new home, most in fact are their friends, family members, and co-workers.

As a rule of thumb, for every 100 people in your past database, you should get 1 closing each and every month.

So 500 in your past database should equal 5 more closed loans, which may be an EXTRA $15K each and every month…. Practically for FREE.

So, back to our LOs that DIDN’T prospects and have now left (in droves)..
Most of these loan officers that are now gone, have left behind a database of past clients… who are now “orphans”.  Nobody in the industry has their back.

So I would go to my branch manager or company owner and tell them that I would like to call all of our “orphan” past database peeps and use a simple script that has been proven literally thousands of times and is responsible for literally billions of funded loans.

Of course they will share with you the info on who in their past database of “orphan loans” to call and use our script on to close their next loan, and the loans of their friends, family, and co-workers.  Not doing so is costing them and you a fortune… literally.

We find when I use these simple scripts, it doesn’t matter if “I’m” the one that closed their last loan, or if was another loan officer that has tapped out (due to lack of taking effective actions), we still expect getting warm referrals from them that close at a very very high rate for us.

So here we sit in our comfortable offices, in a comfortable chair, with perhaps a glass of tea by our sides, and by simply calling our (or a past LOs) database, we can make an income that would make NFL football players blush.

Most NFL players earn wayyyy less than I do, and I don’t have 325 pound linebackers trying to break my knees….

And all I / we have to do is take some simple actions, make some simple calls, all while in the comfort of my / our favorite home office chair… for just a couple of hours 4 days a week.

I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming sometimes.

Why don’t all LOs take these simple actions?

I don’t know, but I do know that those that don’t, well, I’ll take fries with that….

I’ll be happy to share this simple script in its entirety with you.  It’s the very same script we share with our top producing loan officers that are in our group.

Go Here and I’ll give you the script, help you with phone role play, all for free, no strings, no catches, no kidding ☺


Don’t delay taking action.  We don’t have the luxury of delaying what actually works in today’s market.

I got your back!!

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