Episode 71

Monthly Mixers: Relationship Marketing

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Episode 71 Carl

I’ve come to realize I’m not in the mortgage business, I’m really in the business of building relationships with people. Relationship marketing, by far, is one of the best types of marketing activities I’ve implemented in my own business by attending and hosting educational events. But putting together power points and teaching classes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Longtime leader in the Freedom Club and my dear friend, Suzanne Downs, has found epic success with relationship marketing without creating a single power point presentation. Want to know how?

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom – the number one podcast for Loan Officers, thanks to you fine folks – Suzanne and I talk about how she shows appreciation for the people that send her business while creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere during her monthly mixers in order to generate even more business every single month.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to coordinate a monthly mixer
  • Who to invite
  • Getting sponsors to offset the cost
  • How to strategically follow up with the attendees

After listening, schedule your complimentary coaching call to get even more scripts and a detailed step by step plan mapped out just for you at www.LoanOfficerFreedomCall.com

About Our Guest:

Suzzane Downs

Suzanne Downs
President & Mortgage Broker
Palm Beach Mortgage Group

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