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Thank you for tuning into Loan Officer Freedom, the number #1 podcast for Loan Officers thanks to you and all of our listeners! On this episode, I want to address a commonly asked question, “what are the best strategies to market direct to consumer.” Have you considered that question yourself?

I think everyone knows I’m a branch manager for one of the nation’s top mortgage firms. We literally just had a record-breaking month last month in my branch and I couldn’t be happier to share the strategies we use every single day in my branch to be able to close more than 500 units per month. Do I include direct to consumer in my overall marketing strategy, sure! However, if you ask me I will always tell you that is not my bread and butter.

In this episode you’ll learn:
– How we include direct to consumer marketing in our ad campaign
– Which strategies are the top priority in my branch
– What you can do to get the highest conversion rate when it comes to leads

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