Loan Officer on fire!!

Yepper, Kambi Heywood is on FIRE. I was just talking to her and she told me she has been in the business for 27 years and has been a steady 5 loans per month for quite some time.

Now that’s not to shabby at all, and most would call that pretty good, and most would be satisfied with “pretty good”….

… but not Kambi.

90 days ago she committed to our Call Stars program.

She just reported that after years of pretty good, that she has 11 loans scheduled to close this month!


So while most LOs are tapping out or at the very least, settling on smaller paychecks each month, she literally had a 110% increase in the last 90 days.

We call that “epic” where I come from.

She was telling me that with the extra money she made in the increase in loans last month, she used some of it to help her 17 year old son buy his first car.

She said he’s doing so well and I could tell she is so proud of him, that I could see the gratitude in her eyes when she shared this story on a Zoom call we were on.

So instead of “waiting until things turn around”, she is turning things around.

It’s what the winners do.

I’m sharing this today to help encourage and to show what happens when we commit to making things happen and actually do real sales activity.

We have really found that Call Stars seems to move the needle more than virtually everything else combined.

When you are ready to get a free live demo of how that works, Just Go Here <no charge>

We don’t stamp out fires, we create them!

Carl White

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