Is the 10x thing real?


Did you know that it’s easier to develop a 10x Mindset than a 2x Mindset?

For example, it’s easier to develop a mindset of going from 4 loans a month to 40 loans a month (like Kory Kavanewsky, Tammy Saul, Chris Haynes, Robert Fillyaw, Kim Rivas, David Holland, myself, and many more have done), than it is to have a mindset of going from 4 loans to 8 loans per month.

Here’s why …

You already know how to get where you are. You know the steps you’ve taken and you’re probably confident in your capabilities to get there again.

You know the path, and you know how to maintain your current success and achievements.

You also know it was a lot of work to get to where you are today.

So if it were suggested to you to grow 2x and double your current loan production, your first instinct may be to resist the thought of doing twice as much work to get there, and I don’t blame you!

Often the first thing people hear when someone says “double your success” is “twice as much work”, and twice as many hours, you know, more grinding… who wants to do that??

Therefore, something that would be positive and exciting becomes negative right off the bat.

2x growth isn’t big enough to warrant major changes.

It’s possible to achieve 2x by simply working twice as hard by, say, working weekends or late nights, which you may already be doing… totally uncool for you or your family. 

But that means giving up something to get a reward that isn’t much better than what you’re already getting, and if it means even more hours or even more “grinding”, heck, I would tap out too. 

For that reason, it’s hard to be really excited about 2x growth.

However, if you say “10x,” it causes a different reaction entirely.

Most people can’t conceive of working 10x harder. It’s not within their realm of possibility. And, in fact, what it takes to get to 10x is not more of the same—it’s something completely different.  

Ask any of us that have actually done it.

Going 10x requires just the opposite of more work: a lot less work—but the right kind of work.

It requires stronger teamwork and support around you so you can focus only on what you do best and what generates the most income for you and your family, all while helping even more other families live the American Dream.

It requires having a plan that doesn’t have you putting out fires every day, so you can increase your free time exponentially, as well as your growth.

It also requires you to have a proven plan of developing more leads (and of course not buying leads that are nothing but a money and time suck).

Having a 10x Mindset automatically plugs successful and happy LOs into a vast, expanding, exponential stream where they can multiply their results by 10x while dramatically reducing the amount of time and effort needed to achieve them.

And want to know the truth?

You’ve gone 10x many times throughout your life already. It’s also absolutely possible to continue to go 10x in all areas of your life. It’s required in becoming a True Success.

In order to become a True Success, you need to think bigger than your past. You will need to think beyond what your competitors are doing. You will need to open your mind to bigger possibilities.

Let’s map it out… together.  Let’s map out the same kind of plan that all the Truly Successful LOs that I know have followed.

And, let’s do it right now, because it’s your turn RIGHT Now!

Where do you start?

Let’s start right hereFor Free.

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If you could INCREASE YOUR RESULTS by 10x, and INCREASE YOUR COOLNESS FACTOR by 10x, why would you put that off. 

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