I thought she would be around longer…

“I thought she would be around longer”, my father-in-law told me the other day.

You see, his wife of 70 years, my 93 year old mother-in-law died a few months back and he was telling me they had some things they wanted to do yet and he had some regrets that he didn’t get to do them with her while she was alive.

“Why didn’t you get to those things?”, I asked.

“Well”, he said, “I thought she would be around longer, I thought we still had time…” he drifted off in memories.

I didn’t say anything as I sat there just listening, but I thought, my goodness, she lived to be 93, he’s currently 95.  That’s a pretty good turn.

And it got me thinking…

If there’s something we want to do, to experience, to be a part of, let’s get to it!

I reckon this goes for our business too.

If there’s something you want to accomplish, taking that dream vacation, maybe getting a vacation home, or even paying off your own mortgage, perhaps becoming totally debt free… imagine how that feels, and maybe you already are.

It’s majorly AWESOME!  It’s true FREEDOM!

Well, it’s time to get to it… and like RIGHT NOW.

We’ve really seen things picking up for many of the LOs in our group. 

We’ve even seen the refi’s kicking up.  Tammy Saul just texted me that out of her 85 closings last month, 36 were refi’s!


That’s a whopping 42% refi / purchase ratio.

Sounds like marketing to our databases (when done right) is still outperforming pretty much everything else..See, it’s good news for those of us (you) that are still in the game.  I’m predicting 2024 to be a stellar year with all the pent-up demand…

… but only if we actually take action and realize that the clock is ticking. You are worthy of great success, and you are worthy of it right now!

I’m in your corner.

When you are ready to receive leads from your past database, and ready to see exactly how we do it and what we send out, just go here and I’ll totally hook you up (for free).

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