Episode 114

How To Reverse Engineer Your Dream Life

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Episode Carl

What do you want, what do you really want? What does your dream life look like? Have you sat down and thought about it?

That’s exactly what we’re going to do on today’s episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast in the world for Loan Officers. We’re going to talk about mapping out, or more specifically reverse engineering, your dream life! In my opinion the word “realistic” is one of the biggest killers of dreams, so don’t think about what’s “realistic” we’re only concerned about what you want. Your dream!

I’ve seen it time and again, the Loan Officers in our private coaching group live out their dreams day after day because they’ve mapped out exactly how much income is needed in order to live the life of their dreams. Knowing how much income is needed, will tell us how many loans need to be closed every month; knowing how many loans need to be closed let’s us know how many pre-approvals we need each month; knowing the number of pre-approvals let’s us know how many leads we need to generate every month; and knowing the number of leads allows us to put forth the effort needed every day to attain our ultimate goals!

It really is that simple and all you have to do is reverse engineer the life of your dreams. I see dreams come true for loan officers in my group every single day, and it can happen for you too! Listen to this episode to find out how.

If you’d like help implementing the strategies we’re discussing on this episode, visit: LoanOfficerStrategyCall.com to set up your complimentary strategy session.

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