Episode 56

How To Keep People From Shopping Your Rates

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Episode 56 Carl

Do you really need a better price to compete? On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the number 1 podcast for Loan Officers in the world, I speak to my mentor and business partner, Kevin Gillespie about how to handle leads calling to ask about your rates. One thing to understand is that we all get shopped sometimes and no one has the “best rates”, but the key is to have balance. There are three key items to take note of in order to have balance…

  • At what level are you priced
  • Your compensation
  • Your support & services

When you work on having around balance it’ll make the conversation around “what’s your rate” that much easier. Want to know how to have that balance? We discuss that and more on today’s episode.

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About Our Guest:

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Kevin Gillespie
Regional Manager & Branch Manager at SMP

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