Good news!!!! (finally)

It seems like there has been a great shift in the market!

This past Tuesday, these were just a few of the reported “wins”…

Greg shared that he secured two contracts over the weekend and received one referral from one of his borrowers. Fantastic work, Greg!

Marla has been making her Thor’s Hammer calls, targeting real estate agents, and she picked up a referral from a top agent. Way to go, Marla!

Merrily worked the MoveTube Open House system with a group of agents and pulled three applications from it. Incredible effort, Merrily!

Tanya had a great weekend with 3 new contracts.

Vincent is closing $1.4 million in volume this month and has $2 million lined up for next month, he said “Thanks to the DailySuccess Plan”.

So it seems that those that have a burning desire and taking action, pushing through their fears are really seeing a shift.

I just think it’s important to know what’s really happening so we know what’s possible when we do the same things.

Is it your turn now?

We’ll map out exactly what they are doing here.

It’s your turn now (and you are worthy).

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