Episode 8

Getting Loans From Closed Offices

Episode 8 Carl

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Want to discover how to overcome the in-house lender when you’re not it?

In this episode of the #1 Podcast for LOs, Ralph Watkins and Carl White map out how to approach a real estate office – that already has an in-house lender – so that you get most of their referrals.

Here’s a breakdown of what Carl and Ralph cover in this episode:
• Solutions for bypassing the “gatekeeper” (AKA receptionist)
• How to find the top agents in any real estate office
• Carl’s script for the classic line: “I already have an in-house lender that I work with.”
• The 3 things all agents are looking for when working with an LO
• Why “Sweet Water Well” marketing is the key to building relationships
If you’re an in-house lender, don’t worry, we’ve got your back too! You’ll see how to capitalize on your inside advantage, and it’s easy… (25:26)

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