Eliminate the last-minute rate shoppers

Here’s a simple idea to help eliminate the “last-minute rate shoppers”.

I was on a brainstorming Zoom call a couple of weeks ago with my homie Jay O’Brien.
He shared with me an idea that I’m sharing with you now.

As soon as your pre-approved prospect gives you the thumbs up on a new purchase mortgage for them, send them a “Moving Kit”.

.. You know, a handful of empty boxes, some tape, and Sharpie magic marker kind of thingy.

This does a couple of things:
1. It actually helps them.  Hard to go wrong by actually helping people

2. It assumes the sale.  It’s like putting a ring on our spouse’s finger.  “Hey, we are doing this together.”

3. You become partners on their new move and they would feel guilty about shopping you at this point.

It’s not that this would work 100% of the time, nothing does, but I can see how this would really help solidify “the sale”.

For me, I think we are going to send out a “Moving Kit” right after they sign the disclosures and we have contract in hand.

I found this link to a company that sends it out to the home they are moving from for me here.

I have no affiliation with this company, I just googled “Moving Kits’ and this is what popped up.

Then on my Tuesday morning “Just Ask” calls (or what some may call the update calls), I will ask if they received the moving kit, and then of course end that call with our call to action script to get even more loans from their friends, family members, and / or co-workers. 

On what I would perhaps pay for some useless “closing gift”,  I’m going to get a “Rate Shopping Stopper Gift” instead / or in addition to it…

Just sharing an idea as we are all in this together ☺

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