Do not bend..

Great news!!! The newest numbers are in and 2024 is projected to be the 3rd best year ever in purchase mortgage volume!

This chart below measures 2002 to projected 2026 mortgage loan volume.

The blue line is purchase volume. Other than the record setting 2021 &2022, we have to go back to 2005 to match what we are expecting for this year.

That’s great news for those of us that focus on purchase business.

Image 1024x603

By the way, did you know that 67% of all purchase loans close with the loan officer that the real estate agent recommended?

I find that to be true with the hundreds of loans that my own personal mortgage team does each and every month (like clockwork and with very little stress, by the way).

I find the key to getting your share, or even more than your share is to market to agents that are actually doing the lion’s share of the purchase business.

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