Episode 255

Appreciation Ignites

Welcome to Loan Officer Freedom, the top podcast for loan officers. In this episode, Carl White and Leslie Girard share with you how to inspire your team, assistants, and processors to go the extra mile to help you close even more loans.

Leslie is one of our leaders in the Freedom Club here at Mortgage Marketing Animals who has inspired her team by helping them enjoy the rewards of the behind-the-scenes success. 

When each team member has an “all in it together” attitude, it allows company goals to become a reality. Everyone cares about the outcome because they truly feel appreciated with this type of reward for their part in the process. 

Learn how Leslie keeps her team energized and striving to grow more each year.

Let’s chat about more ways to scale your business and finish out the year strong. Here’s a link to schedule a free coaching call with one of our team members.

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