50% of the time, it works every time…

Congrats to Freedom Club member Dave Wicki for 10 closings and an additional 12 pre-approved and looking from marketing to his past database.

We all know that marketing to our database works, like EVERY TIME, you know, as in closing more loans.

Just taking the time to do it is the key.

I found a way to outsource part of it for almost nothing and yet get great results.

So there are 3 things we do with our past database.  We call them every quarter, we snail mail them once per month, and email once per week.

The snail mail is a HUGE part of it.  We expect 1 closed loan PER MONTH for every 100 people in our database.  So if you have 300 people in your past database, I would expect 3 loans per month from it… EVERY MONTH.

As far as what to mail, after doing massive studies on this with my own database, I found that much to my surprise, it really doesn’t matter what I email them, I got great results on all of them.

Whether it’s a thoughtful “letter from the heart” or a recipe postcard, one works as great as the other.  I have found that mailing them “mortgage information” gives the worst results.  So anything other than that is good.

I found the best way to make sure it happens each and every month is the key.  So I farm it out to make sure it gets done.

Here’s a secret trick that works great and costs about a buck or so a month for each person.

Step 1:  Learn what one of their hobbies or interests is.  I do this during the loan process or on the quarterly phone calls.

Step 2:  Go to www.DiscountMags.com  Pick out a magazine that is in line with their interests.  For example, Better Homes & Garden is around $17 for the year.  So for around $1.45 per month, I’m giving them a cool gift that is automatically delivered.

Step 3: When you put in the address for it to be shipped to each month, PUT YOUR NAME in the 1st line of the address, just underneath their name, so that they are reminded that you are the one giving the gift each month.

For example
John Doe Buyer
Carl White Loan Officer

123 Their Address St
Anytown, FL 34683

That’s what you put in the blanks when you order the magazine at DiscountMags.com.

I then just renew it every year.

One thing to keep in mind, most of the referrals we get from our past database aren’t for them, it’s for their friends, family members, or co-workers.

So there you go, a simple little trick to keep those referrals coming in!

Oh, and remember, without the actual calls, none of this works.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that we’ll have success without the calls.  I’m convinced that’s why so many are struggling right now.  They forgot about the calls.  Don’t fall for that trap!
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