About Me Samples

Did you know that the “about me” is the number one thing clicked on for loan officer websites?
Most LOs absolutely blow this golden opportunity by talking about their company, or even worse, talking about loans.
People click on your “about me” because they want to learn about YOU.
I know it sounds weird that people want to see what you are about, but in the new “Facebook” and social media world that we now live in, people really want to know who you are.
It goes back to the ol’ “people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust”. Proof of this is, again, it’s the #1 thing clicked on for loan officers’ web sites.
Many of the loan officers that I help have found the “about me” videos to be extremely successful in letting people know what they are about.
I’m going to post some examples here for you to get some ideas about doing your own.

John Hinks

Holly Walther

Nick Magiera

Brian Heckman

Dave Brown