Your best ideas “challenge”

Your best and most creative business ideas will never come in the hustle and bustle of the modern workplace.

Nor will they come by listening to the million different opinions and voices which populate social media.

To really come up with innovative and creative ideas, you need to find ways to chill… to stop all the voices in your head.

My 2 most effective “thinking spots” are my daily 25 mile bicycle ride (like I just finished) and / or my front porch in my favorite chair.

I take a voice recorder with me on both of those and record the random thoughts / ideas that I have during those times.

Then, every Friday afternoon I play those voice recordings of the previous week.

90% sound silly when I listen to them…

10% are pure gold that I immediately put into action, and make up our action plan for our high level mastermind group…

(which I’m happy to share with you on this call)

These ideas would NEVER occur to me in the office where the phones are ringing, my team is coming and going, and other activities are constantly happening. All cool activities, but that’s not where the magic happens for me.

Where or how can you create quiet time for your most creative thoughts (even if it’s just 30 mins a day)? Real question, would love to hear yours.

Carl White

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