Very weird results of study

I just finished reading a study done by Northwestern University that was totally not what I expected, yet it makes perfect sense.

Check this out, this study found that simply sitting within 25 feet of a high performer at work can improve our performance by 15%.

But wait, the next finding was shocking…

Sitting near a low performer decreased performance by up to 30%!


Come to find out this is called “performance spillover” and is a real thing.

“But wait, Carl, what if I work from home?”

Well, I would argue that this wouldn’t just be for who we sit next to, but who we hang out in online groups, who is on our / your Zoom meetings, who are we listening to, and who are we hanging out with (both during work and after).

It’s never been more important to hang out with the “winners” than it is now, and according to this study, even more important, to remove ourselves from negative situations/people.

So my gift to the industry has been to put together the largest daily gathering of POSITIVE Loan Officer WINNERS every M-F at 8:30 Eastern time for free.

Here’s Where We Meet Each Morning For Free

I’ve often thought that attending this daily meeting of awesomeness is one of the reasons my mortgage team is having a great year closing hundreds of loans each month…

… and now after reading this study, I have scientific proof of it.

So the moral of the story is, win with the winners and YES, it really matters who you hang out with.

Thanks so much for allowing me to hang out with you over the years.

See ya on the morning meeting,

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