Episode 310

New to the Industry? Here’s What You Need to Succeed

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the top podcast in the country for loan officers, Carl White and Steve Kyles talk to new loan officer, Paola Oyarce, who they met on The Loan Officer Breakfast Club the same day!

Steve and Carl invited Paola onto the impromptu podcast so that they could not only help guide her in the right direction in her journey to the mortgage industry, but also help others who are asking the same questions in the beginning.

They’re sharing insights into how to choose a company to work with and what to look for – and certainly what not to look for.

The main points that Carl and Steve stress that you’ll hear in detail are finding a mentor, having a solid training program for lead generation (such as our DSP), accountability, and how to look at basis points at the starting line.  

If you’re a new loan officer or interested in becoming a loan officer and wondering what company to start with or questions to ask yourself before making an informed decision, this is your episode. Tune in to hear the full podcast…

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