Episode 54

Making A Transition (Part 1)

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Episode 54 Carl

Have you ever found yourself thinking that it may be time for a change in your work environment? The change may be to a new team or another company. How do we know when it’s the right time to make the change, and what steps do we need to take before we transition?

That’s what I’m talking about today! In this three-part series, I speak to my good friend Adriana Bates, a Branch Manager at Bates Mortgage, about the steps she took when she realized she needed to make a transition to a new company. If you’re considering making a transition yourself, stay tuned. We take out all the guesswork as we share a detailed guide about what to do, when to do it, and how to make it through to the other side successfully.

We’ll review:

  • How to identify your desired work environment
  • Identifying your “why”
  • How to stay successful and professional while positioning yourself for a transition

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About Our Guest:

Adriana Bates - Carl White - Making A Transition - Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Adriana Bates
Senior Mortgage Banker
Bates Mortgage Group

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