Episode 67

Empowered To Be Successful “Small Town Girl Makes Good” Series

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Episode 67 Carl

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the number one podcast for Loan Officers, I have a very special guest! My friend and leader in the Freedom Club, Colleen Woods. Colleen has an amazing story and shares that she felt empowered to make the move she knew she needed to make when she saw how the structure of a team could help her not only increase her business but decrease the number of hours she spent on her business. 

In this episode listen and learn how Colleen: 

  • Was encouraged & empowered to create a team that didn’t cost her money, but made her money!
  • Hired her first employee and how that positively impacted her business.
  • Increased her loan production from 5 loans per month to over 20 per month on average.  

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About Our Guest

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Colleen Wood
Mortgage Advisor
Fairway Mortgage Corporation

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