Episode 266

Closing 7 Loans on Month 2

Have you ever wondered how to become a loan officer? Maybe you’re a new loan officer that needs direction on how to start bringing in the business. Well, you’re in luck because on this week’s episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the country’s #1 loan officer podcast, Carl White is talking to Kyron Stokes about just that topic.

Kyron closed his 1st loan last month and is on track to close 7 loans this month… all self-sourced. You will hear his step-by-step plan, ready for you to swipe and deploy. 

He got into the business by chance but had a desire to learn more about how this all worked. One main thing that intrigued him was the fact that as a loan officer, you can help people and make money while doing it. 

He’ll share how does it, how you can do it, and you’ll learn what works when just getting started as a loan officer.

Have more questions about what it takes to find your way to freedom? Jump on a call here to learn tips, tricks, and scripts that work.

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