AI in Lending: Pure Hype or Holy Grail?

Hey there, fellow Loan Slinger,

You’ve seen the noise around this AI thing, right? It’s like a new superhero movie – everywhere. Got me wondering….

“Can this robot stuff really help me seal more loan deals?”

So, I rang up my secret “Nerd Herder” and had a good ol’ chat about it. Felt like I was in a sci-fi movie. So I hit the record button and turned it into a podcast episode.

You can hear it all in this Podcast Episode.

Intriguingly, I’m involved in a beta test group that he’s running, and it’s like being backstage at a magic show. It could be worth a look-see for you too.

Check Out the Artificial Intelligence Insider Information here.

Get the lowdown while you’re sippin’ on your Saturday morning joe.

(No sign-up required, the podcast is right there on the page.)

As always, I’ve got your back and we’re in this together.

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