#1 Question that LO’s are asking right now


The #1 question that lower producing LOs are asking right now is….

“What do I do next?”

Yep, that’s the #1 question the vast majority of LO’s ask themselves multiple times per day.. or even per hour!

They walk into their office, “What should I do first?”

They finish checking their social media accounts, “What should I do next?”

They check to see what the rates are today, “Now what should I do next…”

… and on and on and on, until they leave their work desk (usually way later than they and their family / friends / pet wants them to…

…all while their monthly production continues to have them concerned (with good reason).

They spent almost no time on actual “getting loans” activities…


It’s not their fault though

Here’s the thing, most have no structure for their day, because nobody has ever shown them the activities that top producers do on an hour by hour basis.

And what ends up happening is, the LOs end up looking for new things to do instead of doing more of what we know already works, and scheduling their day AHEAD OF TIME.

Which keeps them right where they are currently at in their number of closed loans.

Look at what specific activity brought in your last 10 loans, and do that the first 2 hours of Monday – Thursday.

I always take Fridays off to reward myself for being focused on the 32 hours that I work Monday – Thursday.   It’s my carrot for doing things right.

And even with taking Friday’s off, my own personal mortgage team averaged 397 closed loans PER MONTH last year and we are expecting to beat that this year. 

(of course I have help, that’s part of “what’s working now” no matter where you are now)

It’s not about working more hours, it’s about structuring your day to do “what’s working now” FIRST, then all the “busy work” AFTER you do your lead generating activity.

If this message strikes home for you, I’ll map out what specific activity is bringing in the most amount of leads now (without buying anything), and how we structure our days around that activity.

Meet me here and I’ll totally hook you up <no charge>

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