Zero inbox is NOT a prize

A while ago I received a course on “How To Get A Zero Inbox of Emails”.

After spending about 12 or so hours reading the course and then implementing it, I came to a shocking conclusion:

Zero Inbox Is Not A Prize!!

After doing everything it said, which took a good part of a day, I found that I had ZERO more deals; Zero more income; and really accomplished absolutely nothing that is measurable.

There is no magical check or money order that pops into your inbox when you get that “zero inbox” notification…

I also shockingly discovered that more emails just pop in 3 minutes later.

I remember that early in my career, feeling overwhelmed with all the emails, that I actually did an “email bankruptcy” and just deleted all inboxes, and never saw a difference…

I discovered that when I really wanted to see a difference in my productivity, when I really wanted to increase the purchase deals in my pipeline, that I had to do actual “Loan Getting Activity”.

I spent the next 30 days in “lock down mode” and mapped out, then implemented a simple 4 step plan to bring in more purchase loans…

… and not just a few more loans, but A LOT OF PURCHASE LOANS.

I did this by doing an intensive study of my last 50 purchase deals that came in.

I asked myself this simple question:

“What specific activities brought in the last 50 purchase deals?”

and “What do I need to do to do more of that / those things?”

I was actually shocked to see how simple this was going to be.

I found it was 4 basic activities:

1. Talk to more agents that were currently closing 8 or more buyer sides in the last 12 months.

2. Ask for more referrals from the agents and buyers that I was currently working with in current deals in my pipeline.

3. Contact my past database using 3 methods (phone calls <gasp>, monthly mailers, and emails (the emails were the least effective even though I could automate them).

4. Call my pre-approved buyers once a week, encouraging them (by having them mentally visualize why they were buying a new home in the first place), and then using a very simple and cool script, ask them for referrals of their friends, family, and co-workers who were looking to buy, sell, or refinance.

That’s it.  Just sooooo simple.
That’s how I drastically increased my purchase deals in a very, very short period of time, and that’s how my team still does it today to have one of the most successful teams in the nation, all while I am working a 32-hour work week with frequent vacations.

If you are going to work, if you are going to put effort into something, let’s make sure it has actual measurable results (more closed loans).

I know that doesn’t sound sexy, I know it all happens without having to “build a funnel”, I know it all happens without me paying for a bunch of Zillow leads or using some fancy smancy widget of some sort.

It’s just following a simple 4 step process that I now call the Daily Success Plan.

It’s just that simple.

That’s exactly what I now help thousands of loan officers across the nation in programs like my high level Loan Officer Freedom program.

Just to show you how simple it is, I’ll give you a completely free and LIVE 1 hour 1 on 1 zoom call, just like the ones that these high producing loan officers and branch managers get on our private one on one calls, and walk you through it step by step.

Go Here to schedule your free and private 1 on 1 sample coaching call and we’ll map out in detail, along with scripts we use on our Daily Success Plan.  I’m convinced this will be a very very good use of your time.

See you on the inside (and don’t waste time getting to “zero inbox”)…

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