Frank threw a glass of cold water in my face.. in a very cool way

A buddy of mine, Frank, kind of threw a glass of cold water in my face some time back, to help bring me to my senses, and it really helped me out, so I thought I would share with you.

“You don’t have to remove all of your flaws and insecurities in order to succeed. You just have to accept them and move forward anyway.”

See, when I became a loan officer, I had major doubts of whether it was going to work out. I knew very little about “loans”. Just enough to pass the test.

I also had never done any real sales work, I’m a major introvert (there’s a surprise), easily distracted, and somewhat “technology challenged”. Sound like a recipe for success? Hardly!!

But here’s what I did have (and have always had)…

Take Action Now. Or more accurately, “Take Imperfect Action Now!”

Find what successful people are doing and do what they tell me to do…

Even if I’m afraid, even if I’m unsure, even if

See, most people live in a world of “IF-THEN”…

IF I knew what to say, THEN I would call that Realtor.

IF I had the lowest rate, THEN I would get more loans.

IF I had more loans, THEN I could get some help.

So, if there’s somewhere in your life where you’re doubting yourself, I hope today’s story helps you remember…

That’s totally normal. Even to be expected. And you may never feel 100% ready or certain.

Whatever the “next step” is for you right now, you’re probably far more ready for it than you realize.

So Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.

Also, when you need any help with structuring what to do next, or even what to first, or what the next step is, or “what to say to who”, feel free to reach out and I’ll totally hook you up.

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