Closing more of your pre-approved and looking…

I’ve been told that my Saturday emails are very helpful in giving ideas on how to close more loans in less time.  This one is a particular biggie.  

Be sure to read on and I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Picture this, you have a pre-approved buyer who is out looking for a home, and out of frustration, they decide to put this on hold.

So in reality, everybody loses here.  

They were moving to solve a problem, perhaps a bigger home, a smaller home, closer to work, out in the country for more privacy and fresh air, perhaps a home with a “home office” room so they don’t have to work at the kitchen table with the kids running around…

Then they got frustrated and stopped looking at new homes.

You get the idea.

The buyers’ agent loses out, because they just lost a commission check.

And of course, the LO (you) lose out.  You spent the time getting the lead / referral, spent the money to pull credit, took all the time to structure the best mortgage plan with them, all resulting in zero dollars made….

I bet this sounds all too familiar right now.  So how can we fix this?

Easy, read on….

In my branch, we call the pre-approved and looking people every Thursday.  

That day wasn’t just pulled out of a hat.  I actually did some scientific studies that proved that it is the most effective day.  (I knew that science degree would pay off some day)

Perhaps on an upcoming Saturday email we can talk about why Thursday is the best day, but for brevity, just know that day has at least 4 reasons why it’s the best day.

The purpose of the Thursday call is to do a couple of things….

#1: Get more referrals (I’ll show you where to get the script we use for free in just a minute)

#2: To keep them motivated to keep looking and making offers (as long as that’s in their best interest of course).

#2 is what we will talk about today… and this is THE Biggie!

The biggest reason buyers get frustrated and stop looking and stop making offers isn’t because of inventory issues…

The reason they get frustrated is that they forget why they were wanting to get a new home in the first place.

They forget that they are tired of paying high rent.  

They forget that they can’t get their work done when they are working at the kitchen table with the kids playing video games 5 feet away.  

They forget how much their family will enjoy the new pool…

They forget the reason why they were motivated to start the home buying process in the beginning.

So it’s our job as the pro to remind them of why

Once you master this “Art of Influence”, you and everybody else in the process, will benefit from it greatly… and it only takes about 3 mins per week per PAAL (Pre-Approved And Looking).

Here’s the name of the technique that you want to master on that call:

Future Casting (I’ve also heard this called “Future Pacing”)

Future casting is where you get somebody to envision that they already have that very thing that they want.

For instance, let’s say they are buying a home so that their family has a pool home.

On that 3 minute Thursday call, I’ll say something like…

Me:  “So <prospects name>, if I remember right, you guys are buying this new home so your kids have a pool to play in this summer, is that right?”

Them:  “Yes”.

Me:  “Wow, how your kids will love you for that.  I can hear them splashing in the pool and then you and the Mrs. (or Mr..) will be the “cool” parents because their friends will come to your house on the weekends to hang out and spend time with you guys.  I can smell the poolside BBQ on the grill already.”

You see, you want your pre-approved buyers to visualize what it’s going to be like.  You want them to hear the kids laughing and smelling the BBQ.

Whatever problem they are solving by buying that new house, you want them to have a mental picture of what the solution feels like with great detail.

If they are moving closer to work, have them visualize being able to save 45 minutes of drive time so that they can go take a walk around the lake at the park before picking up the kids from school.

Can you see how this reignites the fire and helps to influence them in a cool way to push past the frustrations because the end result will be worth it?

There’s an old saying, “Wherever your head is, your butt will soon  follow”.  
Once you master this high level of influence tool, they win, you win, and the buyers’ agents win. 

I’ve also found that the buyers’ agents will send even more referrals, because “you” are the LO that helps convert leads into closed transactions, so that the agents can work with even more buyers.

It has a snowball effect.  More referrals to you = more closings = more referrals to you… and the ball keeps growing (as does your bank account).

So this Thursday, put this into action.  It’s very powerful and rewarding to help even more families turn their dreams into reality.

Get my full script for free here.

I’ll give you a free 1 on 1 coaching call as a demo to exactly how we help high level LOs in our group do this very thing in full detail.

Imagine getting even more referrals, resulting in even more closings, and helping even more families, and building up your own bank account. 

I want you to picture what you would do with the income you would make with an extra 5 closings next month.  What would you do with an extra $10,000… perhaps an extra $15,000 just from this one simple technique.

Pretty darn cool!

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