Episode 192

Business Planning 2022

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Have you given 2022 some thought? It’s time to start planning for your annual business goals. 

Matt Vance joins me in this eye-opening episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the #1 podcast nationwide for loan officers today. 

So, how do we come up with realistic goals for the new year? For Matt, it’s having an idea of where he wants to be and what he wants his business to look like. One key factor in mapping this out is making sure his team is structured with a successful ratio, so transactions become a smooth process for all parties involved. 

I also share insight on how to go into a new year thinking about business plans with what is called ‘reverse engineering’. I start off by asking myself what is it that I want to happen and follow that with what will that cost me. I’ll break it down for ya’ here…tune in.

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