Episode 272

A Business Plan To Close More Loans

Someone once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll likely never get there.”

Episode 62 Carl

On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, your #1 podcast in the world for loan officers, you are in for a treat as Carl White is joined by special guest, dear friend, and business partner – Tammy Schneider. 

The main concern that we’ve heard in the recent weeks is “how do I map out my 2023 Business Plan?

Well, this episode shows you exactly what that looks like, broken down into bite size pieces for realistic, attainable results as we approach the new year.

Tammy is specialized in this specific topic and literally teaches this class frequently to our top producing loan officers that are part of our exclusive coaching program, The Freedom Club. In this 40-minute podcast, you’ll get the scoop on how to create a plan, starting with the questions you will ask yourself, the numbers you’ve done and want to do, and the exact format to map all of this out within the four quarters of 2023.

As Carl says, “we are building castles, not tents.” It takes time. It takes a plan, and the success of that written out plan comes down to accountability, productivity, structure, and consistency.

This isn’t something to start January 1. This needs to start now for Q1 to be on solid ground.

Are you ready to start now and have a head start into 2023? If you’d like help mapping out your 2023 Business Plan for Loan Officers, here’s a link to schedule your totally free call with my team, where one of our top strategists will walk you through it all.

Schedule your one-on-one free coaching call here.

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