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One of our Freedom Club members (our top-level LO mastermind group) asked a great question…

“I’m am seeking some ideas for unique closing gifts that I can send out. Ideally something universal that I can leave a lasting impression and that has my branding on. Any ideas you can share with me?”

My response:

Great question! Here’s the thing, we have found that we don’t need to leave a “lasting impression”, as we will be contacting them quarterly with a phone call (using our past database scripts and the automated system) and monthly with our “handwritten” note (also done automatically).

Think of it like not needing a lasting impression when you leave a friend’s house after playing cards. You’ll be back next week…

Follow up out trumps a closing gift every time.

The follow up we do is 3 fold:

1. Call with a simple script 4 times a year (this is the most powerful and we have figured out a way to automate it).

2. Snail mail once per month. This has proved to give us huge results. The trick is to NOT send a newsletter or corporate looking postcard. We have found that an actual letter produces more goodwill and leads than anything else (I can show some examples of what we do).

3. And finally, a weekly email. The email we have found that gets us the best response isn’t about mortgages, it’s about what’s going on this weekend around your area. At the end of the email, there is a simple call to action that we call the “Super Signature” that has proved to be the secret sauce.

When I did a closing gift that had a “last impression”, it had zero effect in my closings from those past clients going forward. It wasn’t until I added the 3 fold follow up strategies that I saw an explosion in my measured results.

This follow up approach gives us an average of 1 closing per 100 people in our database per month. So if you have 500 people in your past database, that would be 5 closings… PER MONTH, just from this simple strategy.

Now, to answer your most excellent question, I found giving them pizzas on moving day worked very well for me. After all, it’s what friends do for each other.


If you want to schedule a time where we can map out and share how we do all this, along with my proven scripts, just shoot me an email and I’ll get you set up. After all, it’s what friends do for each other….