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How To Build A Team For Ultimate Growth

If I could only tell you one thing to help you grow your biz, it’s this: Don’t buy into the myth that YOU have to be the one who does everything from lead gen to locking the deal to chasing docs to be able to successfully close the deal, ensure top notch customer service, and keep your referral partners happy.

Carl White and Brian Heckman dive into part 2 of Brian’s business model to give you a 360 degree view of how Brian set up his A-team! As a producing branch manager, Brian has fine-tuned his business model to allow his LOs to do what they do best – sell – and not get caught up in the minutia of the loan process.

By putting key positions into play, Brian’s business flourishes year-round (even during the “slow months” of the year) with a streamlined loan process that closes loans AHEAD of schedule (which his clients and referral partners love)!

Here’s a taste of what Carl and Brian discuss in this episode:

  • Mindset: The evolution of a loan officer
  • Dividing sales activities and fulfillment activities
  • Team roles and responsibilities mapped out
  • Knowing what’s in your wheelhouse for delegation
  • How to create complete clarity within a team structure

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